SKOA Outsourcing - AirbornStudios

I was responsible for the feedback during the Outsourcing process. Engineintegration, a few proportional changes to to stay clear in artdirection with the overall Skoa Artstyle.
Models have been created by AirbornStudios. Basebody proportions/rig were provided by me.

Viking Mangler – Joao Sapiro | Bandit Healer – Ana Mendes, Arthur Palmeira | Settlers Carrier – Boris Patschull, Steffen Unger

Settlers Trader – Andrey Chuloshnikov | Combatpriest – Ryan Jackson, Steffen Unger | Broken Crown Miniboss – Adnrey Chuloshnikov

Vikings Marauder – Andrey Chuloshnikov | Bandit Tank – Efgeni Bischoff | Bandit Miniboss – Joao Sapiro